Fashion trends among young people in Kortrijk


Onze reporter trok de Kortrijkse straten op en verdiepte zich in de verschillende modetrends. Hij linkt een korte samenvatting van zijn research aan de favoriete items van Kortrijkzanen.

The first people actually creating and wearing clothes were the Neanderthals. Their clothes were completely different to what we know today, mainly made out the furs of the animals they hunted. The first use of clothes was to protect from the wearers from extremely cold weather and the scorching sun. Nowadays there’re much more reasons why we pick the clothes we pick. Being publicly naked is percieved as morally wrong, people care about the origin of the material they use, how and who produced it. Also the clothes people wear have acquired a special social connotation since the creation of the art of Fashion.

On groups and individuals 

Fashion is defined as the expression through style of a certain society and its individuals at a certain period of time. In simple words, it’s how people or groups of people (let’s say a movement or sub-culture) can reveal their identity through the clothes. One of the best examples to display this is the ecological movement, who has changed creation and production processes and raised awareness on the importance of sustainable fashion. We can also examine fashion in a more personal way, understanding fashion as the expression of a social individual and the relevant aspects of his identity.

Fashion movements

The importance we can find of Fashion is to understand the characteristics and essence of a society and it’s individuals. But somewhere in history the function changed and fashion has been a factor of differentiation between different individuals of the same society, sadly fashion has also been used as a way to determine things like the financial status of a person. Actually, you can identify 3 massive movements in modern fashion that are spreading really fast and have had multiple implications in people lifes (for good or bad), implications like changing their lifestyle or creating an addiction to buying more clothes than they really need, or modifying the type of clothes they would normally wear, this movements are:

  • Green Fashion: With the complicated ecologic situation our generation is facing, we need to reduce our impact in the planet as soon as possible an even small personal changes can make a difference. Nowadays people care a lot more from the material and the origin of the materials use for they daily consumption products and also where they will go once disposed, which is something other generations didn’t care that much. This movement consist of creating a cycle in clothes, kind of applying the colloquial saying ‘’what is old for someone, is new for someone else’’, this means giving clothes a second opportunity, buying preowned clothing in order not to contribute to the massive production. Also, this trend has been characterized by preferring to buy products from local sellers instead of high reknown companies, because big factories are mostly big polluters.

  • Sneaker Movement: Probably one of the most uprising movements (for good or bad) in the last few years, when the popular shoe brands start to collaborate with each other: it started a shoe fever. They changed the whole concept of footwear as we knew it. This movement is found specially among young people, sneakers became part of your personal identity. In this one we could apply the saying ‘’you are what you wear’’ and there is a whole social connotation about it, people are considered cooler by the shoes they are wearing or in other words ‘’got game’’.
    The opinions towards this movement are divided, some adore it and some hate it. It is characterized by being a exclusive, luxurious and limited movement, in which the value of the shoes are not measure by the durability or functionality, but because of its exclusivity and brand. A limited edition shoe could reach prices that are extreme (more than 7.000 euros) and others just because of the brand that produces it can have a high retail price despite of not being exclusive (for example the Balenciaga Triple S 800 euros or the Dior sneakers which are around 1.000 euros).

  • The Hypebeasts movement: It is another movement that gained popularity over the last 5 years, it can be associated with the sneakers culture, because in this movement exclusivity and brands play a huge role. It can be describe as streetwear high couture. It is urban clothing (ripped jeans, tie-dye shirts, denim jackets, etc) it is characterized for being extremely colorful and full of life and always joined with a lot of accessories (glasses, masks, belts, watch, etc). It is consider as an elitist movement because the articles of this movement have a high value. Some people love it, some people hate it as well. Between the most relevant brands who take part of this movement we can find Off-White, Supreme, Champion, Nike and Tommy Jeans. Due to the exclusivity of some products they are sold out within minutes and their resale prices can be twice their original value.

We asked people about their favorite articles of the movements explained during this present article, and we made a list with the most liked articles and their prices and celebs who have displayed this item publicly:

Carlos Perez

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