Game For Thought

Introducing ‘Game for Thought’ – a Livestream series launched by Howest Hogeschool’s campus for Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE) in collaboration with local medialab Quindo, tackling ethically-relevant topics in the industry.

Streaming monthly from our campus The Level, we’ll critically evaluate topics at the intersection of gaming and social ethics. We’ll explore the impacts and implications of industry developments while reflecting upon our responsibilities as creators, addressing the capacity of gaming to transcend its virtual reality. How does the gaming world affect the contemporary world beyond the screens – and vice versa?


Tune in via Twitch on Thursday at 20h00:

May 20th, 2021: ‘Crunch Time & Wellbeing in the industry’

Missed the previous livestreams? No worries, you can rewatch them on DAE’s Youtube Channel.
Find all the available livesessions below on the topics:

– Sex & Violence in Games

– Discrimination & Representation in Games

– Games & Addiction

– Ethics, AI & the Progress of Technology

– Social Media & Privacy